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Double Chin Reduction With Kybella®

Just about everyone has a little more going on under our chin than we would like, particularly after we turn 40. The clinical term is submental fullness, but the rest of us call it a double chin.

The double chin has been neglected by the aesthetic industry. The only way a person could address a double chin was with surgery, either a neck lift or facelift, often combined with liposuction. Luckily, Dr. Mark Epstein of Hauppauge, NY offers Kybella®. Our practice offers this non-surgical double chin reduction treatment to our Long Island area patients.

What is Kybella®?

In April 2015 that changed when the FDA approved a non-invasive alternative for addressing double chins, Kybella®. Kybella® is the brand name for an injection made primarily of deoxycholic acid that dramatically improves the patient’s profile by eliminating much of the fat that has accumulated under the chin.

Am I a good candidate for Kybella®?

Most everyone has some accumulated fat under his or her chin, but sagging skin also plays a part in the formation of a double chin. Kybella® reduces the fat, but it doesn’t address the sagging skin. Often, however, when the weight of the fat is removed the profile tightens up dramatically. But if you have excessive sagging skin under your chin, a neck lift or a facelift would be a better solution

What causes double chins?

The skin under the chin is very susceptible to the pull of gravity. After all, there isn’t any bone or muscle to support it. When you combine gravity with the loss of collagen, genetics (some people are more prone to forming a double chin), and the addition of a few pounds, there’s a pretty high likelihood your facial profile sags under the chin.

And it’s not rare. Studies have shown that around two thirds of the U.S. population has a double chin, and it bothers them as much as the wrinkles and other signs of aging.

How does Kybella® work?

The magic of Kybella® is its simplicity. Kybella® is basically deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring acid in the human body whose job is to aid in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat. When you eat food with fat, deoxycholic acid breaks down the fat. Deoxycholic acid doesn’t differentiate between dietary fat you ingest or fat that has accumulated over time.


So, when injected into the fat pockets under your chin, it goes to work breaking down and destroying the fat cells. These cells are gone and so is the storage mechanism to accumulate more fat in the area.

This means your profile looks decades younger and will likely stay that way unless you put on a good deal of additional weight.

Benefits of Non-Surgical Double Chin Reduction

There are several benefits to consider when using Kybella® to get rid of that unsightly double chin. Benefits of Kybella® include:

  • Little-to-no recovery time
  • Permanent results
  • No scarring
  • Quick and efficient procedure
  • Improved confidence
  • Youthful appearance

How many Kybella® treatments will I need?

The maximum number of Kybella® sessions the FDA has approved is six, but there is not a set number for maximum effectiveness. Many of our patients are satisfied after just two to four treatments. Others opt for all six. During each session you’ll receive a series of injections at various spots under chin.

What does Dr. Epstein treat with Kybella®?

It’s tempting to think of using the fat destroying capabilities of Kybella® in other areas such as the abdomen. Research is ongoing, but at this point the FDA has only approved Kybella® for use on double chins. However, Dr. Mark Epstein and many medical professionals find that Kybella® has uses beyond that. At our Hauppauge location, Dr. Epstein uses Kybella® to treat areas such as bra fat, armpit fat, and cheek fat pads.

Are Kybella® results permanent?

Kybella® removes the fat; plus by destroying the fat cells it limits your body’s ability to store fat under the chin. Your skin will slacken with the natural aging process, but your profile will be improved for the long haul.

Kybella® Side Effects

Serious side effects have proven rare with Kybella®, but there is a possibility of nerve injury in the jaw. This can lead to an uneven smile, trouble swallowing, and weakness in the surrounding facial muscles. In 20 clinical studies involving over 1600 patients, these issues resolved themselves over a period of a couple weeks.

The common side effects are similar to those with dermal fillers:

  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Numbness
  • Bruising
  • Residual pain
  • Areas of hardness in the injection sites

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