The O-Shot® and Clitoxin® for Improved Sexual Function

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The O-Shot® has been around for over ten years. It is the use of your own blood to obtain the best Growth Factors and anti-inflammatory proteins called Cytokines and giving it back to you via an injection to put it deep under your skin.

Aging, childbirth and pelvic procedures can cause women to lose sensitivity of their clitoris and G-Spot areas. This can be compounded by hormonal changes due to menopause which reduce the blood flow to the superficial skin as well as the underlying structures. Blood vessels become diminished in size with aging and therefore carry less  nourishing oxygen and other nutrients to the tissues. Loss of blood flow leads to loss of structural proteins such as collagen and elastin. The consequence of this results in dry and rigid vaginas, as well as painful, sex due to the lack of lubrication. Orgasms take longer to achieve, if achievable at all, and it becomes more work to “get there.” Testosterone is responsible for libido – “sex drive.” As testosterone levels decline there is often loss of desire and confidence. Up until recently, women just accepted this as a normal consequence of aging.

Some of the treatments available to help with these conditions include estrogen creams and pills, Carboxytherapy, and radiofrequency, as well as laser treatments to the genital areas. Blood products from your own body (“the three letter abbreviation beginning and ending with the letter P”) have been injected into the clitoris and G-Spot areas to improve blood flow, nerve function, sensitivity, and at times arousal. The trademark name for this is “O-Shot.” It has been safe and life changing for many.

So, what is Clitoxin®?

Clitoxin® is the combination of the O-Shot® and Botulinum Toxin (i.e. Botox®) injected to improve blood flow and nerve function as well as arousal and pleasure.
Now, with the addition of botulinum toxin, there is triggering of arousal, desire, lubrication, orgasm, and sexual satisfaction. This amazing treatment is now available to you at Oceane Medical Aesthetics and Wellness!

Is this all for real? Too good to be true?

This is all very much for real. Up until the O-shot,® there really was no satisfactory treatment for women suffering from sexual dysfunction. Men have about twenty different available oral treatments for erectile dysfunction, but there was nothing for women!

The O-Shot and Clitoxin procedures were developed by Charles Runels, MD. A recent publication authored by Dr. Runels in the March 2024 issue of The Journal of Women’s Health Care, a peer reviewed scientific journal, featured an article entitled The Clitoral Injection of IncobotulinumtoxinA for the Improvement of Arousal, Orgasm & Sexual Satisfaction – A Specific Method and the Effects of Women.

This groundbreaking article, available for download here, describes a study of thirteen women aged 32-64 who suffered the following symptoms:

  • Pain (Dyspareunia)
  • Decreased lubrication
  • Decreased arousal
  • Decreased desire
  • Anorgasmia (no orgasm) or decreased orgasm
  • Decreased overall satisfaction

The results of the study showed improvement in all symptoms at 4-12 weeks post injection, all being statistically significant except pain. When the neurotoxin was added to the patient’s blood products, the degree of improvement was augmented substantially. The greatest contributing factors towards increased sexual satisfaction were increased desire and arousal, and least was lubrication.

Other side benefits included eight women who noted increased engorgement of their labia, five women who noted an improvement in urge urinary incontinence and four women who for the first week suffered from “hypersexuality” with arousal and the urge for orgasmic relief sometimes interrupting daily activities.

For those who are curious as to how this treatment actually works, although explained in great detail in the article, here is a brief summary.

Clitoxin® Summary of Mechanism of Action

After Injecting botulinum neurotoxin (BoNT) into the clitoris, it is thought that the following occurs:
(1) the neurotoxin is taken up by endocytosis (the cells engulf the neurotoxin) and then migrates by axonal transport along the nerves to the ganglion (collection of nerves) embedded in the wall of the vagina;
(2) these ganglia then signal through afferent autonomic nerves in the inferior hypogastric plexus to trigger the hypothalamus (where the arousal center resides) – in other words, the nerves from the ganglia in the vaginal wall then send signals up the spinal cord to the arousal center of the brain;
(3) the activated hypothalamus triggers through efferents going back to the genitalia and to the cerebral cortex .arousal, desire, and lubrication, and facilitate orgasm, combining to increase sexual satisfaction in the woman. Simply stated, the arousal center then send signals back to both the genitalia for lubrication and genital engorgement, as well as to the pleasure center of the brain. This is in addition to the neovascularization (increased number of blood vessels), neurogenesis (increased nerve production), and local vasodilation (blood vessel dilation to increase blood flow) triggered by the neurotoxin. These effects can be amplified when the neurotoxin is combined with the regenerative properties of patient’s own blood products.

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